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Now Interviewing for
Spring Summit & Tour Speakers 

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Speaker Interview 101

To be considered for a stage speaker or session speaker schedule your Speaker Interview today.  Speaker spots are limited.  Interviews are 15-30 Minutes (be prepared, not scared) Virtual Spots are available, but limited, also. First come, first served. Click the link below to schedule your interview. Read the interview steps. Be on time! (Check your spam folder for updates)
(Once you schedule, you agree that your contact information will be added to our emailing, mailing, call, and text list.)

Spring Summit 2024

4 City Tour

Building The Best You Spring Summit
Saturday, April 26 & April 27th (Virtual Only)
Platform Opportunity $75-$100
(we are giving back so that every speaker, woman leading emerging or seasoned can give themselves a yes, impact from the stage, and build her speaking resume.)
Starts Summer - Winter 2024
     Oakland, CALIFORNIA          
JUNE 30th
Farmers Branch, TEXAS      
JULY 20th 
             Altanta, GEORGIA               
SEPT 7th
St. Thomas, VIRGIN ISLANDS     
DECEMBER (12-15th)

(see platform opportunity investment below)


Step 1


Does it require an investment?  YES, YES & YES!

As Always, We've made the investment WAY affordable.

Your investment will cover media & tech needs to cover marketing, graphics, editing, promotions and HD quality to produce your content.

Our Team is Working for You! 

We want to serve you well.

*Add this opportunity to your Professional Speakers Resume as an International Speaker

*Connect with global leaders

*Shareable Content 

*It's Training Ground to Build Up

*It's Where You Want to See Yourself

*Sow Seeds, Reap The Harvest


$175-$215                               Virtual (This opportunity is for St. Thomas, Virgin Islands Only) 

limited spots

$550-$655    tOUR Speaker In-Person (Per City: Choose Your City in CALIFORNIA, TEXAS, GEORGIA, ST. THOMAS )

limited spots

$415 Retreat Session Facilitator

(Only for St. Thomas) Retreat Session time slots vary Friday - Day Sessions and evening sessions)


(Payment Plans Are Available)



Step 2


Process to locking in an Interview:

1. Complete the Form Below

2. Schedule Your Interview

3. Check Email (Make sure your updates aren't in spam folder)

4. Prepare an intro of your message; no more than 3-5 minutes 

Interview Moment:

5. Come Ready

6. Meet Your Interviewer

7. If Chosen, lock-in your seat by completing agreement within 24 hours

8. Specified details of the Summit will be provided

9. It's Your Time!





It's time to lock-in your interview date and get ready for the next steps to be a featured speaker, coach, leader, coach or trainer and get your message in front of an audience who have been needing your expert empowerment.

One thing we understand is that it doesn't matter how many times you've spoken in front of an audience, every time is different from the last. And, honestly, mostly all of us still get butterflies or feel apprehensive in moments like these. Remember, opportunities are for the taking; however, you have to seize your moments!



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