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Our Mission

Connecting Women & Leaders Globally to Change Lives, disrupt poor habits to create new paths; and to live an unapologetically, purposeful, and fulfilled life, for the glory of God!

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This is your opportunity to tell your story, expand your reach, leverage your resources, build your resume, and influence audiences from your area of expertise! Join women leaders from across the world who are empowering from the stage, and helping to transform lives.

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Meet us in Cali, Texas, Georgia & St. Thomas

4 City Tour

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Dr. Sha'Meca Latai', Founder of WWLC, is taking Women Who Lead Connect on tour and she's partnering with women and leaders from across the world to build up the next woman. Dr. Sha'Meca says that this tour is personal. It's led by God and assigned to her to connect women in one space who are ready to drop their titles, get empowered, and experience a move of God!

"We are leaders, but we still need healing. We are leading, but many of us have been doing it tired, broken, and bitter. It's time for a shift. It's time to let the next woman know that we understand and that she deserves freedom, peace, and to walk unapologetically in her purpose for the Glory of God" - Dr. Sha'Meca Latai' Oliver

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You know your story and expertise is worth sharing, and you are ready to share it and impact lives!

Whether you are a seasoned, emerging speaker, or a potential speaker we want to hear from you! 

Schedule your speaker interview in advance in preparation to secure your future speaking spot on one of our stages from 2024.


Send Your Prayer Request

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Finding the balance, discovering your potential, finding the harmony of business and personal life, executing ideas, and living fully in your purpose have its challenges. We understand that leading isn't easy! 

We are here and we want to partner in prayer with you!

Click the link below to share your prayer requests with us.

In advance, we believe that you will be healed, empowered, and strengthened, again! In Jesus Name

"A Leader is only as great as he or she is willing to serve others."
-Dr. Sha'Meca Latai' Oliver

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Looking Back...

Leadership Empowerment Summits & Events

Connecting women and leaders to build their brands, and strengthen their lives,

For the Glory of God.

"Women Thrive in Supportive Environments"

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 WWLC is the connection where women leaders build and connect, globally.


It was created to help women who lead build intentional, healthy, professional relationships among women leaders; whether "she" leads in her business, home, or just as the CEO of her own life.


The membership was built to hone in on what confidently cultivates women who lead spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically, and financially; creating spaces, opportunities, and platforms; building her inside-out, for God's Glory!

Our Motto is, "Let's Win Together!"

"It's important that we empower the next woman and make sure that her bridge is built. Many are at the top broken, but we can't let her fall apart. We must add value, support, resources and opportunities to keep her standing."

Sha'Meca Latai' Oliver, CEO/Founder (Women Who Lead Connect)

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